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Canabilab rejuvenating cream is now available in Bol. You can buy a product for face and neck on the official website. Only today there is a 50% discount for buyers, the price will be only € 39. You can buy Canabilab cream for a special offer, place a request on the site using the order form: enter your phone number and name using the order form. And soon the manager of the company will contact you and give answers to all your questions and clarify the delivery details. You do not need to pay anything in advance - payment is made by cash on delivery to the selected post office.

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Canabilab Anti-aging cream with cannabidiol for face and neck is an effective anti-aging product containing 99% natural ingredients. Thanks to the cream, the skin is transformed before the eyes. Canabilab will get rid of wrinkles on the face and neck, dull skin color in just a few weeks. The cannabidiol product is suitable for all types of rejuvenation of the skin of the face and neck.

The cannabidiol cream provides cell rejuvenation of the skin, effectively removing even deep wrinkles on the face and neck. Now offering a unique product to rejuvenate the skin of the face and neck, Croatia is included in the delivery area. You can buy Canabilab with cannabidiol in Bol on the official website.

Hurry up to order a cream and rejuvenate your face and neck, because only today DISCOUNT -50%, the price will be only € 39.

How to place an order with delivery to Ball:

  • leave a request through the order form;
  • get a free consultation from our specialist;
  • order confirmation;
  • place an order and wait for delivery.

Please note: you can receive and pay for the goods by post or by courier who will deliver the shipment to Croatia, you do not need to pay anything in advance. The price for sending a parcel by courier may vary depending on the distance to the city.

User reviews Canabilab in Bol

  • Ivana
    For a long time I was looking for a medicine that will get rid of the nasolabial folds or at least slightly tighten the skin in this area. Canabilab became my salvation - in just a few weeks it really transformed my face, the skin became elastic and taut.